Carharts Mill Shoppe Kit - HO

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Product Overview

Carharts Mill Shoppe has been redesigned with a laser-cut base.

The mill shoppe now features more laser-cut parts, including a clear story and loading dock parts.

This kit includes:
* Laser-cut foundation, base, walls, floors, clear story parts, open platforms, railings, and steps
* Laser-cut roof system with precut rafter trim, rafter tails and overhang supports.
* Tichy Train Group windows, doors, snowbirds, and lamps.
* Laser-cut window styrene and window shades.
* Micro-scale roofing system with directions and laser-cut roof caps.
* Lots of detail parts
* Oil tank kit
* Electric meter kit
* Easy to follow, step by step, illustrated directions.
* Color signs with directions

Overall size 5" x 8" | Made in the U.S.A.

Please note the following:

* Paint, glue, and hobby tools are not included.
* This kit is designed for experienced model builders.
* Unless otherwise noted in the descriptions above, scenery, vehicles, and figures are not included.

WARNING: This product contains small parts and the use of glue, paint and sharp tools. This kit is not intended for CHILDREN Under the age of 14 without adult supervision.