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Whitney Glass Factory

This highly detailed HO scale kit is fun and east to build This kit includes Laser-cut base Laser-cut walls, floors and roofs Detail parts Color pictures Micro-scale laser-cut roofing Easy to follow step by step directions Tichy train group windows, doors and lamps Laser-cut window styrene...READ MORE

Small Town Church

Brand new ho scale church features laser-cut dental trim.   This Kit includes the following: Laser-cut walls, ceilings, floors, roof sheeting and roof supports Laser-cut Steeple parts, brick chimney and base. Laser-cut dental trim and window trim Shingle kit including 3M transfer tape and directions...READ MORE

Pine Creek General Store

The latest kit in the Pine Creek series features laser-cut signs and lots of detail parts.   This Kit includes: Laser-cut structural parts Laser-cut trim and rafters Electric meter kit Laser-cut shingles Cast, plastic and laser-cut detail parts Laser-cut window styrene and window shades Laser-cut...READ MORE

Pine Creek Freight & Salvage Co.

This brand new kit features main building, boiler building, yard office and trolley cranes. This kit includes the following: laser-cut walls, floors, roof sheeting, roof supports and trim peel and stick rolled roofing material Laser-cut front and side steps with railings laser-cut window POLYSTYRENE and...READ MORE


There are only a few of these beautifully hand cast, limited edition kits remaining. As with all of our kits the castings were made in house from handmade masters.  These are the last of the original 450 kits produced. Once these kits are sold out...READ MORE

N-Scale Carhart’s Mill Shop

This kit includes Laser-cut base, foundation with steps, walls, floors and ceilings Laser-cut roof system with precut rafter trim, rafter tails and overhang supports Tichy train group windows, doors and lamps Laser-cut window styrene and window shades Micro-scale roofing system with directions and laser-cut roof...READ MORE

Pine Creek Section House On Sale

As with all of our Craftsmen kits, this fun and easy to build kit includes, clearly written, easy to follow, illustrated  instructions This kit includes the following Laser-cut base, floor, roof, floor joist system, porch, rafter trim, rafter tails, overhang supports, window styrene, window shades...READ MORE

Super Ringmaster Control Line Flying Model Kit

SUPER RINGMASTER IMAGE GALLERY click here A brand new take on a classic Control Line Model. A distinctively beautiful model famous for consistent performance and easy flying. Micro-scale models is producing this kit in association with Bob Clauss who was a designer at the former...READ MORE

Flag Stop Station

This brand new HO scale kit is super detailed and fun to build. This structure features laser-engraved wall details and laser-cut exterior wall framing. Easy to follow fully illustrated directions make this kit a snap to build. This kit includes the following: Laser-cut walls, floor,...READ MORE


This limited edition hand cast kit features cast walls with board by board construction. Cast walls combined with a cast base make this kit fun and easy to assemble. This kit includes the following: CAST BASE CAST WALLS WITH BOARD BY BOARD CONSTRUCTION GRANDT LINE...READ MORE

Moyer’s Dairy, pump and well equipment

This limited edition hand cast kit features cast walls, base, dormers, and chimneys making it  fun and easy to assemble. This kit includes: CAST BASE CAST WALLS AND DORMERS GRANDT LINE LAMPS, WINDOWS AND DOORS MICRO-SCALE ROLLED ROOFING PRE-CUT WOOD ROOFS FULLY ILLUSTRATED DIRECTIONS COLOR...READ MORE

HO scale 400′ Cantilever Canyon Bridge

This super detailed Cantilever Canyon Bridge is fun and easy to build.  These kits are sold on a first come first serve basis so if you find the kit is out of stock please contact us to reserve yours. As with all of our kits if you...READ MORE

Great Bay Bait Shop

The latest kit in the Great Bay series. The Great Bay Bait shop comes  with a cast bulkhead and laser cut stairs allowing it to easily be paired with any of the other kits in the series. This kit includes: Laser-cut walls, platforms, roofs and...READ MORE

Pine Creek Lumber and Coal Co.

Limited to 300 copies and only available from Micro-scale models directly, this kit features 5 different structures. Laser-cut structural parts roofing and trim make this kit fun and easy to assemble. This kit includes: Parts for 5 structures- Main building, lumber shed, truck shed, scale house and...READ MORE

HO 108′ Single Track Steel Truss Bridge

This fun to build kit features laser cut parts that are tabbed and slotted to make assembly easy. None of the parts in this kit require cutting or trimming. The inner and outer truss sections are laser cut as one piece. The compression members are...READ MORE

HO 147′ Two Track Steel Truss Bridge kit

Part of the steel structure series. This kit features cast bridge piers, end walls and bridge shoes. The kit also includes rivet plates manufactured by the tichy train group. This kit includes: Laser cut structural parts Cast piers, end walls and bridge shoes Tichy train...READ MORE

Stone Pump House

Cast plaster craftsmen kit This kit includes Cast stone walls, dormers and brick base Pre-cut roof Lots of detail parts Micro-scale models rolled roofing with directions Painting and weathering directions Tichy windows, doors and lamps electric meter kit Fully illustrated directions Overall size 3″ x...READ MORE

Pine Creek Garage

Part of the Pine Creek series of kits.  This kit consists of all pre-cut components making it very easy and fun to build. This kit includes Laser-cut walls, floors, roofs, base, trim rafters, overhang supports, rafter tails and garage signs Micro-scale models roofing system which...READ MORE

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